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Our thinking and approach to the practice of law is non-traditional, to say the least. We believe that our job isn't simply to do the work, but to educate our clients in the process. By educating our clients, we give them the tools needed to make well-informed decisions. We understand that a collaborative effort is ultimately the best way to achieve our clients' goals.

Service Areas

The Law Offices of Will Hudson is a boutique law firm serving the Baltimore metropolitan area. Our practice covers virtually all substantive areas of the probate process. Our focus is to provide excellent legal services, at an exceptional value. We work to prevent problems and to provide careful guidance through the legal process. If you are in need of assistance, please feel free to contact us and let us service your needs.

Estate Administration

Estate administration is the process of managing and distributing a person’s property (the “estate”) after their death. Often times this process, known as "probate," can be overwhelming for a person who has little to no experience in this area. This burden usually falls on a person still grappling with the lost of a love one. We can help!!!

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Estate Litigation

When family members and other parties are unable to agree how to resolve a dispute involving the assets of a deceased person, our firm will fight to protect our client’s best interests.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process of legally providing for your care and finances, if you become incapacitated; and arranging for the disposition of your assets when you die.

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Real Estate Matters

From tax sale foreclosures, to deed transfers, and landlord and tenant issues, we are here to help you.

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